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App Gives Movie Lovers The Chance To Stream FREE Pinoy Films



Are you a fan of Filipino films? Then, it’s your chance not to miss out on local flicks, especially blockbusters, award winners, or anything in between. With the rise in popularity of video streaming apps, you now have the opportunity to watch the movies you want anytime – wherever you have internet access in the Philippines. And, great news! You don’t have to shell out a fortune to experience great viewing pleasure.

No Rentals, No Subscriptions… Just Pure Filipino Film Goodness on Your Gadgets

Five months after the video streaming app was unveiled in Google Play last October 2016, the digital video-on-demand platform MovieClub had its official public launch at the Commune Café + Bar in Makati City in March 2017.

The Android app has the vision to make Pinoy movies more accessible to the viewers by streaming films for FREE, thus removing bothersome requirements such as subscriptions, membership, downloading, and borrowing. The movies included in the collection feature classic film masterpieces from the past few decades.

MovieClub also reaches out to local filmmakers, which include the burgeoning indie circuit players who are affected by poor sales and ROI from local screenings, DVD purchases, rentals, and low TV and cable rights.

The app has gathered 570-580 films and music. Every month, the developers add about 30 movies into their collection, mentioned Geoffrey Chen, one of the developers of this fast becoming popular start-up. They are also planning to get all the indie films and give them a wider audience. According to Chen, it is their vision to popularize and strengthen the local film industry.

As with other video streaming sites, the films in their collection are grouped into various categories: Most Viewed, Top Rated, Horror, and more. All of the app’s content is 100% legal and licensed.

Not Just Films, but Lots of Entertainment as Well

Now downloaded by over 2.3 million smartphone devices, MovieClub is also starting to include new materials into its content. Thus, in the future, we can expect them to have more music videos, TV series, news, and sports.

Aside from giving filmmakers the power to reach a wider audience without navigating the challenging way toward film exhibition and release, the app also provides moviemakers with a more budget-friendly marketing medium for their movies utilizing demographic and user behavior targeting. In particular, MovieClub makes sure that the advertiser only pays after their ad is viewed 100%.

Affordable Entertainment for Pinoy Film Aficionados

So far, the app gives you low minimum spending, minimal cost per view, measurable metrics and insights, helpful IT support, as well as a growing concentrated user base.

As mentioned by Chen, millennial Filipinos whose ages are 30 years of age and below, use their smartphones from the moment they open their eyes, as they are working, eating, shopping, and engaging in real-world physical activities. The new generation rarely watches films on TV or desktops anymore. Instead, they use of mobile devices is growing fast. Smartphones and tablets are now seen to be the most common source of information and the advertising medium of choice in the coming years.