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Amazing Stuff You Can Do With Microsoft Office 365



Impress and wow your bosses with these new tools, tricks, and tips for Microsoft Office.  No matter if you are using an old-school desktop version or the cloud-based Office 365, this article will show you some cool tricks to do with your Office.

Be in Total Control of PDF and PDF Reflow

The newer versions of Microsoft Office showcase new ways of harnessing the features of the popular PDF file format. PDF Reflow is here to assist you in converting text and objects in some of your PDFs, which can you can edit and save back to PDF or retain as a Word doc.

Be Able to Use Skype

As of March 2017, Office 365 users get free Skype minutes. You can use some Skype services without any charges, as well.

Connect With OneDrive and Create Surveys

With Office 365, you can create surveys and capture responses between your OneDrive and Excel. This is a really cool way to integrate your Office programs with Microsoft’s cloud environment, thus providing heightened mobility.

Access Your Office Programs on Your Smartphone

With Office 365, you can definitely use mobile technology to work with your Microsoft Office programs.

OneNote Can Link Notes Via Mobile

Microsoft Office’s OneNote is something that you can use to capture information on the go. Linked Notes can connect your notes with your Office documents, which you created in programs, such as Word and PowerPoint.

Monitor Changes With Visually Appealing Profile and Comments

Now you can personalize your profile. This feature, in a way, changes the experience of working on a document with others.

Play With Shapes Through Cropping… Also, the Eyedrop Color Tool Is Really Fun To Use

In the newest versions of Microsoft Office, you can duplicate colors you see in one element to another, even if you’re not familiar with the code. This feature is known as the Eyedropper Color Tool. This feature is totally fun and cool.

Aside from this, you can Merge and combine shapes in amazing ways to create a mind-blowing design for your project. Aside from that, you can also crop images into hearts, stars or whatever shape catches your fancy.

Delete Unneeded Image Backgrounds

Have you ever experienced situations where the document looks better without fills or backgrounds on some of your images? You can perform this process in upcoming versions of Office.

Put Symbols and Special Characters in Your Documents

Office 365 features a whole catalog of coded symbols and special characters that you can use with keyboard shortcuts. This feature is really nice if you use certain characters very often.

Access the Use of Ruler Tricks

Your Office’s vertical and horizontal ruler is a kind of measurement reference point. However, do you know that these can also be clickable spaces? In fact, you can also use it as a tool.

Maximize the Use of Headers, Footers and Page Numbers to Improve Presentations

No matter if you’re working on a report or a presentation, the printable or viewable page has extra space on the top and bottom margins. This is where you can place document information such as page numbering or where you can cite your sources.

Explore and Personalize With Color, Backgrounds, Watermarks, and Borders

With Microsoft Office, you have the power to choose if you want bold background design elements or something subtle. These types of document elements can improve your presentations in very interesting ways.

Use and Insert Videos in Your Presentations

Do you know that you can now add a web video from YouTube to your Word doc? Some tools in Microsoft Office also give you the capability to add video effects.