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Access Control System In The Philippines And Why It Is Needed

Access Control System In The Philippines And Why It Is Needed


As the demand for safety and security increased in the business world, different security systems started to emerge in the global market. One of the security systems that is popular today is an access control system. This technology has helped several companies control the people who can enter the building and the rooms that store sensitive information. With access control, business owners are able to foster a safe and secure working environment.

Before discussing further the benefits that businesses can get from access control systems, there are some things that you need to understand about access control systems.

The Elements of Access Control Systems

The access control system has three core elements that define how the technology works—these are identification, authentication, and authorization.


Access control systems are designed to safeguard your business site from unauthorized access. That said, the system enables you to identify the people that come and go in the building. Also, this technology allows you to control the movement of the people within the company and ensure the security of certain rooms within the building.


Right after the system determines the identity of the individual, it checks if the identity is authenticated. This can be achieved with the help of passwords, smart cards, encryption keys, and fingerprints.


With successful authentication, the system will then evaluate whether the individual is authorized to enter the building or the restricted areas within the site. Business owners can set a criterion for this to determine whether the individual will be granted access or not.

Types of Access Control Systems

There are also different types of access control systems available in the market today. The common types that are found in business organizations today are gate entry systems, intruder detection systems, biometric readers, and CCTV camera systems.

Gate Entry Systems

This access control system enables you to monitor the people who go in and out of your business site. As individuals enter your building, gate entry systems provide a security clearance that determines if the person will be granted access. Hence, helping organizations to monitor the movements of people within the building until they leave.

Intruder Detection Systems

This type of system is designed to keep intruders out of the business establishment. With intruder detection systems, you will have motion detectors that can set off alarms when an intruder is spotted.

Biometric Readers

The biometric reader access control system is usually utilized for high-security applications. This technology requires individuals to scan a unique feature of their body to verify their security clearance—it can be their fingerprint, handprint, or iris.

CCTV Camera Systems

With this technology, business organizations are given the capability to capture footage in high resolution. And with that, you will be able to use specialized software to perform facial recognition, vehicle number plate recognition, and other access control functions. That said, CCTV camera systems can help you increase your business security through the recorded footage of the people’s movements within your building.

Why Access Control Systems Are Necessary in the Philippines

Now that you’re aware of the different types of access control systems and their elements, it’s time for you to learn about what it can do for business organizations. So before you let managed IT services like House of IT install one in your company, here are the reasons why it’s necessary for the Philippines.

It Deters Criminal Activity and Accidents

One of the main benefits of having an access control system in your building is its ability to deter crimes and accidents. This technology’s capability to restrict access allows you to overcome common security challenges like vandalism, burglary, and arson. Moreover, access control also enables you to ensure that only approved employees will be given access to certain areas with hazardous chemicals or equipment. With that, the likelihood of injury and other accidents that can put the company at risk will be reduced.

It Eliminates the Dilemma of Losing Keys

Security risks can arise when employees lose their company keys or when they fail to return it before they quit their job. For this reason, companies are placed in a position where they have to spend money to make new keys or even change locks during these instances. But with an access control system installed on your business site, you’ll be able to remove the employees’ access card from the system and create a new card when necessary. That said, this technology eliminates the dilemma that is caused by lost and unreturned keys.

It Monitors the People Who Come and Go

Aside from deterring unfavorable circumstances and eliminating the dilemma of losing keys, access control also helps you monitor the people who come and go in your company. With this technology, you will be able to monitor the attendance of your employees and the visitors who set foot in your establishment. Moreover, access control systems don’t just help you keep track of when individuals arrive or leave your business premises, they can also aid you to keep intruders out of your company.

It Keeps Company Data Safe

Most often than not, companies have sensitive information that they have to protect. Because of this, it became a responsibility for business owners to ensure their security. With an access control system, you can set clearance levels that can limit access to certain areas in your business site. That said, access control systems can aid companies to keep their data secure at all times.

Ways to Boost Your Access Control System’s Capabilities

Although it’s true that access control systems have the ability to level up any company’s security system, there are still ways that you can boost its capabilities. And with these easy tips below, you’ll be able to strengthen your access control system and enjoy the security that you deserve.

Evaluate The Features of Your Access Control System

When you’re picking out an access control system for your business, see to it that you delve into the features that it has. By doing that, you will be able to maximize its capabilities and utilize it well. So before you install an access control system, make sure that you check where the system is needed and identify the people who will have separate access levels. That way you’ll be able to authenticate the people who access the system and make sure that authorized personnel is the only ones who can enter the business site.

Determine The Access Levels of Your Company

As you set up your business’ access control system, it’s important to remember that not everyone needs to access every area on your business site. That said, make sure that you determine the right access level for every individual. That way you’ll be able to ensure the safety and security of your company’s assets and sensitive information.

Audit The People Who Have Access

In order to avoid access bloat, it’s recommended by experts that business organizations audit the people who have access to the company. By doing this, you will be able to track the cards that have been inactive for a significant amount of time and deactivate them when necessary. You can set the card access to shut off in a predetermined amount of time or self-expire the card. Moreover, you can also connect the card to a human resource database that can determine whether the card is still active or not.

Update Your Technology Regularly

Most business owners think that technology is a one-time investment. But if you want to keep up with the present trends and protect your company from unpatched vulnerabilities, make sure that you update your technology regularly. Technology can be obsolete quickly—that’s why according to experts, it’s advisable that business owners prepare a budget for a system upgrade every 10 years. By updating your technology regularly, you will be able to make sure that your access control system can effectively fend off security threats.

Test Your Access Control Systems Periodically

One way to make sure that your access control system is functional is to test it periodically. By doing that, you will be able to get the assurance that all your devices are working as it is expected and avoid the inconvenience of malfunctions in the future. That said, if you want to ensure the safety and security of your company, ensure that your system is working properly.

Educate People About the Importance of Security

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also boost your access control system’s ability to protect your company from security threats by educating the people in the organization. When employees understand the importance of security and the security measures taken, you will be able to enhance your business’ security in no time. So make sure that you inform your employees about the dangers of tailgating to ensure the safety of your business site.

Experience the benefits that access control systems bring by letting experts from reputed managed IT service providers like House of IT install one in your company. With their help, you’ll be able to get the assurance that your security system is the one that suits your business needs.