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8 Reasons Your Company Should Outsource IT Support Services

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Why Outsourcing IT Support is Essential for Businesses

Your company's ability to adapt to technological changes has a direct effect on your bottom line. It's more about merely generating credible sales leads. Being an early adopter makes life easier for your employees. It also helps keep your existing customer base satisfied. Perhaps even entice more customers.

Sadly, it’s a jungle out there. For one, data networks, system architectures, and even computing hardware evolve in leaps and bounds each month. So, many companies struggle to stay afloat due to the ever-changing complexities of such technologies.

That's why more companies choose to outsource support services to third-party IT companies. Here are a few more credible reasons for your company to make the switch.

Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource IT Support Services

1. Proactive Response to Technical Issues

Outsourced IT service providers don’t show up when your systems and hardware are on the fritz. Such IT companies install end-to-end client software and other utilities that keep tabs on your core tech systems.

Such a measure ensures they can spot worrying patterns. Hence they can anticipate anomalies before they cause irreparable damage. This makes it possible for them to apply fixes such as system patches before your company even notices. Result? You experience less downtime so you can focus on your clients and core business.

 2. Access To the Best IT Talent

Evolutions in the intricacies of data and hardware have made filling particular IT roles challenging. It's hard to find and even afford to pay cybersecurity consultants, DevOps engineers, or other experts on a full-time basis.

Getting a credible IT support company on board is one way to have your cake and eat it. Such experts are usually on call 24/7. Some are an IM or call away. Such support ensures you can focus on improving your data networks and system architecture.

 3. Enhanced Cyber Security and Compliance

Advances in technology have made doing business easier. Unfortunately, these technologies can leave your organization prone to data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other devastating acts by malicious cyber actors. 

Sure, your in-house IT staff can update firewalls, install DMZs, and audit hardware and data networks on repeat. But, this means they spend less time on their daily tasks. Outsourced IT services can reduce such anxiety. You also get access to experts that are versed in cybersecurity and government or industrial compliances.

 4. Effective Backup and Recovery

We don’t like to play the role of the harbinger of doom. But, your business may suffer from unforeseen disasters. You can survive a data breach or other cyber-attacks by having the right IT consultants on call. But, what happens in the face of a natural calamity such as a hurricane or fire?

In such adverse cases, you'll experience loads of downtime. Cuts to the power supply may even compound the issue. So, it helps to hire an experienced IT support firm. They'll help you come up with effective backup strategies. This will help your company recover from disasters in a short time. 

5. Lower Wage-Bill

Hiring and retaining a massive in-house IT staff is a challenging and costly affair. Database architects, systems integration specialists, and other tech engineers don't come cheap. Sadly, your company could suffer huge losses from neglecting such services.

So, what's the middle ground? Well, you could alleviate such frustrations by hiring such experts temporarily. Or better yet, you could outsource such services to IT support companies. That way, you get a whole department of experts minus having to add them to your company's wage bill. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

 6. Enhanced Employee Productivity

Unstable internet connections, broken-down hardware, or other technical issues play negatively on the psyche of your employees. This results in lower productivity, heightened security threats, and dampened competency.

Your employees are less stressed when cybersecurity, compliance, data, systems architecture, other facets of IT are handled with competence. Outsourcing IT support services is not only the best way to get the safest pair of hands on the task. It's also cheaper than having a bloated in-house IT staff.

 7. Your company Can Finally Play With The Big Boys.

Small to mid-sized companies seem to have the odds stacked against them. Maintaining all aspects of your It systems architecture takes loads of time and money. Every new roll-out needs lengthy design and development initiatives.

It doesn't merely end there. Your company may also need to continually test and audit IT systems even after their roll-out. So, how can your company cut back on such costs and timelines? The solution is simply outsourcing such concerns to a qualified company. This frees your company to focus on leveraging every advantage as they play in the big leagues.

8. It Helps You Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Most companies fail to make an impact for a simple reason. And, that’s an inability to focus on their USP (unique selling point). Such a point is vital if you're to set your company above the competition. It could come in the form of a lower price point or a more innovative approach to solving your clients' problems.

This leaves your company with two choices: adapt or fade into obscurity. Outsourcing all your company's IT aspirations to a suitable firm frees up loads of time. From there, You can focus the business conversations in your organization on advancing the best sales propositions to your customers.

What’s The Best Time to Outsource IT Support Services?

Let’s face it. Every investment your company makes carries some risk. You face a litany of government & industrial regulations, turbulent economies, and unyielding competition. Your use of technology also exposes you to the malicious intent of hackers and other actors. So, it’s not a question of why you need to outsource such heartaches. But, a question of when.

So, right now would be the best time to make such a consideration. At House of I.T, we have a deep well of industry-specific knowledge. We also have in-house experts that ensure cyber-security, compliance, and other tech-related issues are a thing of the past.

Reach out to us today, and let’s have a conversation. We’ll help you harness technology to ensure your company remains on the fast track to sustainability even through uncertain times.