managed IT company

7 of the Most Important Reasons Managed IT Is Essential For Businesses

managed IT company

Is your business growing substantially? Are you finding yourself having more and more issues managing the IT hardware and software that you frequently use? Are your employees coming to you more often for IT help than you’d like? These questions are just a few examples of a business in need of a managed IT company.

Many businesses opt to either not employ any IT companies (like House of I.T) or have an in-house staff member handle everything; this is a big mistake. Here are seven of the top reasons why most businesses simply must work with a managed IT company.


They Can Help Prevent Your Business from Losing Data


The idea of losing data can scare anyone who runs a business. Data, after all, is the lifeblood of all businesses.

One of the best reasons to work with a managed IT company is due to its ability to use cloud storage to back up your data.

By keeping your data backed up in a remote location, not only do you not need to worry about your local server getting corrupted or anything along those lines, but also ensuring that your data is being backed up in a remote location, drastically decreasing the odds of losing your data.


They Can Prevent Network Breaches

Threats of phishing, hackers breaching your network, data leaks, and other forms of social engineering are real dangers that can occur when you least expect them. Wherever there is money to be made, you can be assured that malicious individuals and groups will try to capitalize on the opportunity, regardless of a business's size.

Having an outsourced I.T. company assist with network security will help provide a wide range of personalities and specialties and help provide an unbiased look at how your network operates. Outsourced I.T. employees will always be able to look at your network and tell you what can be done to improve security vulnerabilities.


They Can Help You Install Security Systems

While much of today’s crime occurs over the digital landscape of the internet, most crimes still happen in the real world. The ability to track who is coming into your building, leaving it, and what people are doing in your building is a vital tool to preventing crimes (or at least knowing who committed them). House of I.T can help you to install a security system, also known as a CCTV system.

Strategically placed cameras will also have the added benefit of proactively helping to promote ethical and professional behavior. If an employee knows (or at least thinks) they are on camera, they are more likely to act differently than if they know they are not on camera.


They Can Provide and Install Other Hardware

Beyond just network and security systems, other forms of I.T. hardware can be purchased and installed into your business’s system by an outsourced I.T. company. This includes entire computers, individual components of a P.C., phone systems, and more.

By having a professional team of outsourced I.T. professionals, you and your employees can rest assured that their equipment will work and function as they expect it to. This will help you and them to perform work better, communicate with customers, and ensure that business runs smoothly. Outsourced I.T. companies will also be able to help answer any questions regarding I.T. hardware.


They Can Run an IT Audit

An IT audio is a great way for your maximum IT potential to be reached. So, what is an IT audit? It is a procedure that it evaluates all the IT assets, processes, data, current effectiveness, security, and more.

The primary goal of an IT audit is to identify any issues or inadequacies within an organization related to IT and determine how they can be fixed or improved upon.

IT audits evaluate all aspects of IT and will involve looking at an organization’s entire IT infrastructure to determine what can be done to improve all operation factors.


They Can Help You With Your Business Goals

Managed IT companies are not only experts at technology but also at using it to increase a business’s overall productivity. By working with a managed IT company, they can assist you with your IT strategy.

IT strategy, simply put, is a plan put together and used as a guideline for using technology to meet both IT and business goals. An IT strategy is usually a document that describes all relevant elements that impact a business's use of and investment in technology. It should be non-technical and should be easily readable by any employee.

It will also include all components of IT infrastructure, IT architecture, and IT design inside the company. IT design, or how a system is designed and implemented into a business's network, is vital for understanding how a company's system operates on a general level. 

While many might assume that IT strategy is only crucial for large businesses with thousands of employees, this is far from true. Small businesses also benefit from having a clear IT strategy in place. If they rely on IT, companies of all sizes benefit from having an easy-to-understand documented plan.


They Can Help With Structured Cabling

Structured cabling may sound like a fancy term, but the basics of what it is and what it consists of are straightforward. Structured cabling refers to the cabling infrastructure used in buildings or across buildings, like a campus, that involves several smaller components; hence the term structured.

The purpose of structured cablings is to streamline and simplify a company’s digital infrastructure. As a result, it reduces the amount of network cabling and other types of cables that are used for telecommunication.


Final Words

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why your business should invest in managed IT, if it hasn’t already.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an expert regarding any of the information presented in this post, we highly encourage you to reach out to us to help clarify any questions you may have. We hope to hear from you soon!