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10 Reasons To Work With An External IT Support Firm For Your Business's IT Needs

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In almost all businesses today, there is a need for technology. Whether to communicate with clients, keep track of finances, write up a report, or anything else, computers and the internet are a vital part of most businesses today. However, issues can arise at any time, such as losing an internet connection or hardware breaking. In addition, there are almost always going to be instances where operational functionality can be improved up. 

The good news is that there is an excellent solution for this: hiring an external I.T. consulting company, such as House of I.T. External I.T. companies specialize in helping businesses of all sizes with their I.T. needs. Here are 10 of the biggest reasons why your business should consider partnering with an external I.T. company. 


They Can Help You Perform an I.T. Audit


Most mid to large-sized businesses have quite a few devices that are connected to the internet. Having an external I.T. company perform an I.T. audit will quickly allow them to understand how your entire system works. I.T. audits review all organization applications, systems, operations, management, data use, telecommunications, and other related I.T. infrastructures.   

Having an external I.T. company, like House of I.T, review your business's equipment is a good idea because outsourced I.T. consultants will be less biased about a business's inner workings. As a result, they are more likely not to overlook specific security and procedures that could jeopardize the safety of your company's network. 


They Can Help You Install a Faster Cabling System


Many companies are using older network infrastructure, in some cases from before the 21st century. Having the most up-to-date equipment will ensure that your business is not falling behind on the latest I.T. trends. 

Among the most cost-effective technologies available today is GPON. GPON is a low-cost fiber-optic network that is faster than traditional copper wire network cabling. It also takes up less space and requires less maintenance, making it an excellent way to futureproof your business's network.

House of I.T can help you determine the most practical solution for implementing a GPON into your business. Since House of I.T specializes in GPON installation, we are very familiar with the best practices and methods of implementation. 


They Can Help You by Supplying and Installing Hardware


Beyond just cabling, external I.T. companies can help your business purchase and implement a wide variety of I.T. hardware. This hardware includes entire computers, individual components of a computer, phone systems, and more. 

An external I.T. company can also help you and your employees by answering any questions about I.T. hardware. House of I.T is dedicated to implementing hardware that can help facilitate smooth operation while ensuring you are comfortable using the hardware. 


You Don't Have to Have an Internal Employee Resolve I.T. Issues


Having an employee proactively work on I.T. issues will pull them away from other things that they could be doing. Having someone externally resolve any problems your company or employees has will allow them to focus on the tasks they excel in. 

External I.T. companies are familiar with many technical issues and know the best ways to tackle them. This will save you and your employees from spending too much time determining what a problem is. 


They Can Run Tests on Your Network to Evaluate Security Vulnerabilities


In our highly interconnected world, the sheer number of opportunities for hackers and other malicious individuals to illegally access your network is staggering. One needs to go no further than a quick Google search to see some of the large-scale network breaches that have happened to large companies in recent times, such as Sony and Home Depot. 

Despite this fear, there is a way to lessen the possibility of this happening drastically. Having an external I.T. company help with evaluating your business's network security is a great way to identify any lurking vulnerabilities in your network. House of I.T can help by looking at your network and identifying ways to patch up any security vulnerabilities that you may have. 


They Can Proactively Monitor Your Network and Devices


Due to monitoring software, external I.T. companies will be among the first to know if there is a problem on your side. 

For example, if your internet goes down, external I.T. companies will receive an alert indicating an issue. This will allow them to immediately alert you to the issue and assist in resolving the problem. 


They Cany Help Implementing Access Control Solutions for Your Business


Having access control systems, such as biometric authentication or swipe cards, put into effect is extremely useful to ensure that only specific individuals have access to restricted areas. These solutions are also great at keeping track of the times that certain areas are accessed, which works great with a security system (see the next point). 

External I.T. companies can assist with this and help you set them up in the most practical way possible. 


They Can Installing Security Systems Inside and Outside Your Business


Related to the last point, having a security system is another excellent way to reduce (or even prevent) criminal behavior. Despite online social engineering tactics becoming more prevalent, most industrial crimes still happen in the real world, especially within the organization itself. 

Tracking who is coming into your building, leaving it, and what people are doing in your facility is a significant first step toward reducing these crimes. Security cameras can also help promote ethical and professional behavior. If employees think they are on camera, they are more likely to act differently than if they know they are not on camera. 

External I.T. companies, like House of I.T, can help install a security system, also known as a CCTV system, inside and around your business. This will help to monitor your business's surroundings on any device connected to the internet. 


They Can Provide Cloud Solutions to Allow for More Effective Business Operation


House of I.T can also help with more than just hardware, as they can also help you set up a virtual environment. There are several reasons why utilizing cloud solutions, such as a virtual desktop, is a good idea. Here are three reasons. 

First, you do not need to purchase additional hardware, as everything is set up over a digital environment in a remote location. 

Next, since it is administrated and updated, enhanced security protocols will be set up to protect your information from outside sources. 

Finally, since all your data is stored and backed up remotely, you do not have to worry about your local hardware breaking and losing your data. 


They Will, Ultimately, Save Your Company Money


Technology isn't cheap. Also, technology isn't always easy to learn or troubleshoot. Hiring an internal I.T. technician is possible, but it will be more expensive in the long run due to several important factors. 

Hiring an external I.T. company will not only be cheaper but will provide you with a larger pool of professional I.T. consultants to work with. As a result, you will end up paying an external I.T. company less than an individual for the same workload. 

This will ensure that you can troubleshoot hardware problems, patch network security issues, backup essential information, and more in a shorter period than working with one person individually.