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Is Cloud Computing and Storage Safe? Questions and Answers about the Cloud


Is Cloud Computing and Storage Safe? Questions and Answers about the Cloud

Cloud computing and storage may be considered relatively new to some and lots of concerns have risen in the past few years. Before entrusting your business’ data to the Cloud, you may want to probe further if your precious information will be securely stored.

The million-dollar question is: Is the cloud really safe? The answer is yes. Despite what hackers and competing companies say to undermine your views of the cloud, cloud storage is still one of the safest ways to store your data today.

Here are some good reasons why the cloud is a safe option:

How Does the Cloud Keep Your Data Secure?

To keep your files secure, the Cloud system uses encryption. The encryption process uses complex algorithms to hide cloud-protected info. To unlock encrypted files, cyber-criminals need the encryption key. Although encrypted information is not 100% foolproof, decryption requires a huge amount of computer processing power, forensic software, and lots and lots of time. But, can they do it? Yes. The only way to keep your information safe for sure is to lock it up in a safe and bury it underground. With that in mind, your cloud-stored data is more secure than your locally stored data. Cloud computing uses more complex security methods than the average desktop user is able to devise, giving your cloud-stored info high levels of safety.

What Are the Ways I Can Do to Keep My Cloud Data Safe?

Maintaining the safety of your data is your responsibility, as well as your cloud providers. As hackers have shown through the celebrity iCloud breach, the use of weak passwords can provide cybercriminals an all-access pass to your private data.

To make sure that your password is secure, avoid using the same password over different platforms; use an alphanumeric password with symbols on it, and do not use a password that can easily be connected to your personal life. If you do, cybercriminals will know your address, your spouse’s name, the type of car you drive, and even your favorite restaurant.

Can We Rely on Cloud Storage?

While the Cloud makes sure that your files are safe from fires, typhoons, and system crashes, it is still at risk in the hands of a third-party provider. Top cloud providers can keep your data secure and easy to access. If your business has a history of data loss and security breaches, then it’s time for Microsoft Office 365 migration.

Cloud storage is much more reliable when used in tandem with storage systems such as Office 365 for business. As stated before, the biggest issue with cloud storage is data loss, not hackers. But that issue is removed when the cloud is used more as a “sharing” platform instead of a “storage” platform. By taking shared files and putting them into something like Google Drive, you can make sure that if your data are lost, you can easily find them through the other platform.

How Prevalent Is Cloud Use?

Research has found that 86% of companies nowadays use not only extensive Cloud storage systems, but also various cloud storage systems in tandem. What does this mean to you? It means that most businesses put their trust in Cloud storage enough to use it significantly in their data storage efforts, or that the benefits of getting into the Cloud make it a good investment that’s worth the risk.