Converging security and suitability into the evolution of technology.

Secure the premises

Safeguard your business location with effective and easy-monitoring, computer-based electronic card access control system. Access control systems are getting more sophisticated over the years and it is crucial to your organization to adapt with the evolution of technology. At House of IT, we make sure that only the finest and most reliable security systems are integrated to your premise because we understand that business assets must remain protected at all times.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

A high-end security access and control is here. Control entry into the exterior doors of the building, as well as into specified restricted areas located within the building. With House of IT’s reliable access control system installation, you can now have a fast, convenient, and easy-monitoring of the people going in and out of your premise.

Each authorized access is uniquely encoded. An electric lock hardware is designed to withstand fire codes. Biometrics and swipe cards are to track physical access, and secure log-ins. Track physical access, secure log-ins, protect assets, and comply with regulatory compliance objectives with House of IT’s Access Control Systems.

Key Features:

  • Biometric Authentication as unique physiological identifiers to verify authorized access with ease and convenience.
  • Swipe Cards as security solution for premises that allow the in and out of a large number of people and enable individual monitoring.
  • Comprehensive technology application to ensure control over facilities, networks, and assets.
  • Personalized support to address each business’ specific level of security and privacy.

Monitoring and Authorization

The Access Control System sets authorization, verification and authentication to physical access inside the company’s premise. A well-established organization understands the call for accountability and security. Implement verification procedures to control the entry to office and areas within the building. Provide convenient access to authorized personnel, at the same time, deny access to the unauthorized. You can directly identify the authorized personnel from the unauthorized for safety and security purposes.

Offered Functionalities:

  • Door Status Monitoring
  • Recorded Date and Time of Access
  • Unlock Feature
  • Real-Time Tracking Features

House of IT’s Access Control System includes:

Access card


Gain access using this electronic “key” through doors secured by the access control system. Each access card is uniquely encrypted and comes in similar size with that of a credit card.


To electronically read an access card, we will install card readers. Card readers are mounted on the exterior side of the door.

Card readers
Access control keypads


This comes with numeric keys that appears like the keys of a landline phone. This calls for the person—who wish to gain access—to enter the correct numeric code.


This equipment is used to electronically lock and unlock a door of a secured space. We assess the construction conditions of each door within your premise.

Electronic lock hardware
Access control server computer


This is the brain or the central database and file manager for your access control system. It is where all time and date records of access-to-premise are stored.

House of IT is ISO-Certified

In its years of providing effective security control systems, we earned a reputable name among leaders of different global industries when it comes to addressing security and management issues. We adopt the international standard of protocols and procedures when it comes to protecting our clients’ data and addressing their IT needs through our implementation of ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) management system.

We continuously look for means to improve security and operations both online and physical location. Our Access Control System installation covers from running the cables, to installing the access control set, and testing the entire access control system. Once everything is done, you can now enroll each staff to your newly installed access control system. Regardless of business size, you have to be in control of the security of your organization.


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ISO Certified

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