Your internet connection and speeds help keep your business running smoothly, but what if your connection is spotty and your speeds to turtle slow?

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Picture This

You are having a killer day at work, with a smooth workflow and awesome productivity, you really feel like your company is headed in the right direction. However, suddenly you are faced with chaos & disruption as the internet starts to fluctuate. Your computers, registers, nearly all of your equipment that connects to your WiFi or internet, all go out at once when this happens.

The slow speeds can cause enough chaos with communications between departments being delayed, signals to hardware like printers, fax machines, etc are also delayed and slowed down. This significantly reduces productivity having to wait for your network to catch up to your activities.

Did you know that a low productivity actually costs your company $$$? ITS TRUE !!!

You start feeling annoyed at this as it leads to poor productivity, a loss in sales for your business, and can singlehandedly lead to the declination of your company.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Heard enough? No need to keep reading, give us a call and save yourself the headaches of having a slow internet connection.

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Needless to say, there are plenty of problems that come when your internet isn’t consistent and goes offline on a regular basis. More times than not, business owners blame their internet service provider (ISP) because of their network problems.

It’s time to think again because your service provider is more than likely not at fault. It could be your network settings, IT hardware, wiring and cabling structure, and more.

So, if you’ve made it here, then you are probably facing bad internet issues. Fortunately, you landed in the right place. We’re IT experts with over 15 years of experience.

If you’re still unsure and need a little more information, then keep reading, we’re going to share some tips with you and even let you know what types of problems your internet issues can cause to your business.

Let’s learn a little bit on how bad internet connections and wreak havoc on your business.

How Does Internet Instability Affect Your Business?

Internet instability can be a major annoyance for many business owners, management, and even employees. When your internet isn’t working properly, your business can suffer. Here are five major issues your business could be faced with:

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Slow Response Time

Even before a customer opens your website, they would have a few expectations from it, and one of them is a fast-loading website and quick responses. Without this, your potential client may abandon the website, which, in turn, leads to a drastic drop in conversions.

Therefore, it is vital to have a reliable internet connection to ensure your customers get maximum speed to help meet their demands.

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A Drop in Productivity

Did you know that slow internet can cause employees to lose out on one entire week of work productivity per year? Now imagine that same 7 days for each of your employees. You could be losing weeks or months worth of productivity each year, causing your company potential earnings to be lower than they should be.

When the bandwidth is slow, employees receive a slower internet connection which stops them from reaching their full potential at work, forcing them to wait for the system before they can move forward and make progress. This, in turn, might turn against your business as you could lose out on potential sales opportunities.

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There is nothing more annoying than having to put up with a lousy internet connection. And this goes for both personal and professional reasons.In fact,studies even show that a slow internet connection causes stress in the workplace. No internet means there are a lot of your daily operations that can go unmonitored or not work at all because the network is unable to efficiently communication with the devices connected to it

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Inaccessible Cloud

No matter which business or industry you are in, a cloud is the best place to save all your important files, documents, and information. And without a decent v internet connection, you will not be able to access it.

In fact, studies showed that almost 87% of the current enterprises today had a problem with fully confiding with the cloud as it depends on the internet to function. So if your internet crashes, it could be detrimental to your business.

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What Causes Internet Instability?

Now that you have understood the problems caused by unreliable internet, you need to take a look at what causes the poor connection.

Most of the time, you may be facing poor internet issues because of:

  • A malfunctioning router

  • Poor device configuration

  • Poor network Wiring

  • Using malicious software

  • Too many open apps

Things You Can Try to FixYour Internet Speeds

It’s never fun dealing with poor or slow internet speeds. It’s even worse when your connection goes in and out causing devices to go offline and lose network connection. Here is some quick troubleshooting you can try before reaching out for help.

  • Reset your router

  • Check network settings

  • Antivirus

  • Ensure your network equipment can

  • handle the resource load

Still having connection and speed issues?

Did you know that internet issues can also occur with poor tech support? Fortunately, we have your solution!

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House of I.T is Here

As one of the leading names in the industry, House of I.T, continuously strives to provide the best IT service and support.Every solution is tailored to your needs. Turn slow internet and bad connections into a thing of the past. Let us show you a better way of helping your business grow.

Please take a look at our WiFi enterprise solutions to help you keep your business up and running!

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#1 Fast, Efficient Productivity

By now, we all understand the level of frustration and low productivity that a poor internet connection can bring. However, what is even more frustrating is that some of these issues can take a long time to be rectified, especially if you take the help of the in-house support team.

However, you can get this solved in just a few minutes by incorporating our effective IT strategy!

#2 Quick to Solve Customer Needs and Queries

Suppose your business focuses on dealing with the questions and queries of customers over the internet. In that case, you will need a reliable, strong internet connection to get back to them on time. Fortunately, our IT strategy is designed to keep your connection flowing smoothly at all times.

House Of IT
House Of IT

#3 Maximum Security

Working with a fast internet connection might be delightful. However, it also exposes you to a lot of cyber threats and malware. This is why our IT strategy comes with safety guarantees to ensure you stay safe against hacks and other attacks.

And don't worry! Your guests and other users will still be able to use the secured internet connection without accessing any of your confidential information.

#4 Stay Connected 24/7

Gone are the days where you will have to stress about internet disconnection! Because by choosing to work with our team, your employees will be able to stay connected for a long time!

And the best part is that you will have no "dead spots" in your office!

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What’s Next?

Working with a poor internet connection can cause several issues. Whether it is user frustration, restricted productivity, or lack of conversions, all these problems can reflect poorly on your company.

At House of I.T, you will get the perfect solution that solves all of your network problems. Say bye to your old network and hello to your new business-enforced network that can handle your company’s needs and resource loads.

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From It Consulting and Managed Services to IT Infrastructure We're Here Through Every Step of the Process

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At the moment of first contact, we immediately dive in to uncover your needs, issues, and concerns with your current IT Network System.

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There’s no time to waste when the security of your company data and customer information is at risk. We get straight to it, researching, planning, and outlining your IT strategy for your business’ internal network.

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Once we discover your business needs, we get to work, custom-designing an IT architecture that suits your company’s current IT needs and future business objectives.

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After everything has been outlined, calculated, designed, and ready for presentation, we share with you the best possible approach that will exceed the needs of your business now while preparing it to be ready for future growth.

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When you are ready to start, our IT technicians and IT experts begin building your business IT network from the ground up ensuring that your system follows the path of your growing company.

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With your up-to-date IT system in place, our team stands beside you, ready to put out any fires or implement any new updates, patches, or other IT support needs. We make sure your custom-made IT infrastructure is running properly and experiences ZERO downtime.

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The moment everything is working properly and your new IT network system is up and running, your on-going success remains our priority which is why many of our customers have us manage their IT needs because of our commitment to their business’ success.