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Surveillance is fundamentally important in today’s society, and with cameras installed in private and public places, our daily routines are experiencing higher levels of security every day. What about your business premise?

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The presence of surveillance cameras implies that the area is closely monitored. Make individuals, who come and go from your premise, aware that they’re being watched. Interestingly, being watched encourages good behavior. The presence of CCTV also boosts work ethics and efficiency among employees.

It is crucial to take security very seriously today and so it is equally important to integrate adequate protection especially where your business is located. Additionally, it can play a role in catching offenders who steal or intend to damage products and machinery, and put the staff at risk.

House of IT is one of the leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider. We have a team of IT security professionals with extensive knowledge in planning and designing IT infrastructure so you can be assured that no less than the experts themselves are handling your business security. House of IT has long established its reputation in Logistics, Finance, Hospitality, Retail, Medical, Manufacturing, Legal, BPO, and Real Estate industries. We have clients across the globe and have major partners in the US, UK, and New Zealand.

House of IT is ISMS (Information Security Management System) ISO-Certified for its international IT security standard of protocols and procedures. We respond to the market with the best IT service and products. A number of projects, including installations of IP Video Surveillance, worldwide have been applied with House of IT’s security solutions.


House of IT guarantees to deliver the quality of its products and services.


Ubiquiti Unifi

A leading technology company, Ubiquiti Unifioffers wired and wireless internet services that bridges the digital divide providing highly advanced and easily deployable communications solutions around the world. Offering different kinds of networking products like modem, routers, unified HD video cameras for surveillance management and a wide range of Wi-Fi systems. As the global leader in managed Wi-Fi systems, they provide more than just Wi-Fi but also cutting-edge technology for video surveillance using HD cameras in a unified surveillance management system.


The world’s largest security manufacturer, Hikvision leads in providing innovative video surveillance products and solutions to the world. It’s core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image processing, related data storage and cloud computing help meet customer needs in various market such as public security, transportation, education, healthcare, financial institutions, energy and intelligent buildings.



House of IT is comprised of dedicated certified IT engineers and architects who have been in the industry for more than 10 years. We continuously improve our workforce through regular trainings and technical certifications. Our loyal clients and partners can attest to our proactive and dedicated IT Support team. We help organizations grow and innovate.


House of IT is spearheaded by globally acclaimed IT specialists who have now expanded the team as businesses’ IT concerns, trends and demands are rapidly increasing. We have a team of IT professionals – each an expert of their own field of specialization. This provides us a venue to fully grasp how technologies and digital innovations are reshaping major industries in terms of operations and security.


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