Things You Shouldn’t Do When Outsourcing App Development

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Outsourcing App Development

Today, as long as you have a totally fast internet connection – a means to coordinate with your IT services in the Philippines in real time – your web development team can work from any part of the world. Offshoring gives you the flexibility and helps you better manage your budget, but it does have potential errors, especially if it’s your first time to outsource.

Below are some common app outsourcing mistakes you should avoid:

Not Putting Time Zones in Mind

The Internet has built a marketplace that branches out globally; but, it’s not without its pitfalls. If your offshore team isn’t available when you’re in operation, you’ll regularly see yourself being delayed by a full day to fix some issues. If one of your team posts a concern, the reply may not be sent back until the following day.

These backlogs can ruin your timelines. So, an option is to either hire freelancers who can work the same hours with you or adjust your schedule with outsourced partners to lessen delays.

Offshoring to Non-Tech Savvy Countries

If you’re sending some of your user technical tasks to other, make sure you’re working with a team who knows the best practices, the latest technology trends, and the in-demand apps in your locale. Freelancers from other locations may have better code skills than anyone. But, if they’re adapting their local customs for the job, this can create major concerns. For example, people from certain cultures don’t scan texts from left to right, and this can alienate your real users with your app.

Hiring People That Aren’t Good in Communicating

Excellent communication is important for app development; and, a language divide may pose difficulties in communication. It’s very important that the people you partner with understand what you’re trying to send across – most especially the fine details. Otherwise, you might experience the problem of having end results that don’t meet your criteria. Any issue coming from failed communication may not be seen until at the last moment; so, it’s wise to test your team with a small project first to see if they are compatible with your requirements.

Not Protecting Your Source Code

Businesses usually think that their local trademark laws will help protect them. However, for countries like India, which has no patent law, you can’t assume that your trademark clauses will save you from piracy. Just because you have a formal agreement with your partners to never use your code doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe. Always keep some of the crucial codes and designs off-limits to other companies.

Remember, outsourcing may save you money, but it doesn’t always save you time. To help balance this, we need to set allowances on our timelines to accommodate the unforeseen. We also have to make our designs in-house, be careful in hiring freelancers, and be meticulous about the code and testing processes we send to a third party.

As long as you know the risks involved – and take precautions to follow them strictly – outsourcing app development can help us save time and money and be very beneficial to our businesses.

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