Social Media and Why It’s Important to You

Social Media and Why It’s Important to You

The huge popularity of social media networking websites and applications have changed the way people interact with each other. Major social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, make it really convenient for us to communicate with each other. Due to the rise of social media, we can relate to the coolest trends and are always in tune with what’s happening globally. Today, social media is not just an important part to your personal life, it has also become a very powerful marketing tool for companies, as well as for people starting to build their careers.


Facebook lets your customers know your business on a deeper level. With this site, you can tell prospective clients about your startup with the use of status posts, photos, and private messages. The best way to be successful in Facebook is to engage your followers. If fans post a query on your page, provide them with solutions! The more you interact with the people who “Like” your page, the more these prospective clients will discuss your products with their peers and will possibly share your page, thus tapping more “Likes” in the process.

But, audience interaction isn’t the only thing that will get people talking about you. You have to inform your “likers” about things going on in your biz like new products or upcoming events by posting status updates. If you provide useful info and relevant solutions to your followers, it will lead them to engage with you more.


The main advantage of Twitter is you can post status updates and share news about your industry in real time. Just like Facebook, it is important for you to have some sort of interaction with your fans. It also gives you the chance to find people who share similar interests by using hashtags. For example, if you are tweeting about professional IT services in the Philippines, you can use a hashtag like this #professionalITservicesPhilippines and your post will show up in search engines that say “Professional IT Services Philippines” in it.

In Twitter, it is recommended that you search for other accounts that come from the same category as your business so that you can get news and info on the latest industry trends. Putting up a Twitter account is a good way to market your business.


IG is a popular social media tool where you can market your products and services in fantastic ways. Just like Facebook and Twitter, it utilizes hashtags to make your account more visible to people that share the same set of interests. Chances are, if they see your business and like it, they will like your posts and follow your account.

Instagram is a social media tool that’s very useful for those who have products to sell. Instagram is a also an effective way to not only show people your business but also to pique their interests by showing off head-turning pictures of your products.

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