Save Cost by 30% to 40% with Unlimited IT Support for Flat Monthly Fee

Even large businesses and corporations—that have their own IT team—also took advantage of Managed Services so they can shift the time and attention of their IT professionals to more important projects that directly drive growth and revenue to the company.

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider, organizations have more time to prioritize the core projects and strategic initiatives instead of working on preventive measures and correcting technical glitches. This saves money in the long. What’s more is that IT Managed Services cost much lesser than a traditional in-house IT team or any break-and-fix agreement. Businesses—regardless of the size—will have access to a huge team of trained IT professionals in different areas of IT expertise such as networking, cloud storage, infrastructure, WiFi enterprise, data recovery, security and many more.

Notable businesses and organizations are now implementing different competitive levels of Managed Services. Download the brochure below and check out what you get with Managed Services.

Why Managed Services?

It’s an end-to-end managed IT solution for your overall IT needs. You are at liberty to choose which IT components you need us to manage and which service levels you want us to apply to your business requirements. We attend to any concerns with a strategic approach, at the same time, help you identify and develop IT tools and practices to enhance business efficiency and productivity.

  • Save cost by 30% to 40% with unlimited IT support for flat monthly fee, charged on a per device/user basis for easy scaling up or down
  • Improve security
  • Tap into cloud solutions
  • Proactive approach to IT problems through 24/7 pro-active systems monitoring and alerting
  • Guaranteed system uptime, helpdesk response time and resolution targets
  • Money back Service Level Agreement (SLA) Guarantee

Why House of IT’s Managed Services?

It’s high time you entrust it to the experts. We have the dedicated around-the-clock IT strategy team manning behind the best IT infrastructures and applications with diligence, service reliability and business acumen.

  • Delivered IT Solutions to small, medium and large companies at a global scale for more than 15 years
  • Our IT analysts have served clients across multiple continents
  • Equipped with the latest, best breed of technology
  • We cultivate strong business relationships with our vendors
  • A home of skilled and industry-certified technicians and certified fiber optic experts
  • We support more products than our competitors
  • ISO Certified both in Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security Management System (ISO 27001:2013)

Our Core Services

  • Server Management

    Server Management

    A growing business comes with growing IT needs. It may start out with one server but as your customer base expands, the need for more servers in one workstation turns inevitable. Server Management includes server set-up, monitoring, maintenance, security, and keeping up with upgrades for hardware and software optimization. Having a team of IT professionals to look after your servers and keep up with the latest technology, you get to finally have the time to focus on running your business one hundred percent.

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Every hour large amounts of data are being produced, transferred and stored in a business operation. The same data that keep the workforce running. The data that are integral to the company’s productivity rate and business goals. Natural or man-made disasters could lead to losing all information. Even a chunk of it and could already take the business in a downward spiral, or worse, shutting it down for some time. Under which circumstance, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery must adapt significantly to rectify security hacks, data loss, and network breach.

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  • Desktop Management

    Desktop Management

    Whatever the demands are when accessing desktops and applications in terms of mobility and flexibility, desktop management includes troubleshooting, data recovery, hardware and software configurations, monitoring of each application running on desktop and addressing security issues.

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  • Network Management

    Network Management

    Monitoring transmission lines such as switches, routers, and hubs and updating their software whenever necessary. In Network Management, we also commit to timely repairs and implement preventive measures to keep security issues at minimal range. Network Management is done to ensure reliability and efficiency in data transfer channels.

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  • Helpdesk

    Help Desk

    House of IT’s Help Desk is your technical support for basic computer, server, and other IT requirements. We provide phone support, customer assistance, call logging and call management. Our proactive team of IT experts and technical tools are guaranteed to spot and resolve issues in a manner that does not interfere with your daily operations.

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Manage your Core Business the Fastest and Smartest Way Possible

We know how important it is to be always on top of everything. We understand there are things to consider such as managing IT networking, monitoring network traffic, implementing back-up and recovery systems, providing real-time remote assistance to end users and dealing with cost reduction.

With these and all else on your plate, you need an advanced IT support that simplifies your work, run and control your network processes smoothly and support the requirements of a growing staff.

Committed to delivering quality Managed Services, we look after your IT needs to bring out full utilization of your business resources.