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Business leaders know the vital role of the IT Networking when it comes to business operation and security. They know that customers and prospects alike must be kept in the loop. Should clients have unanswered queries, it is likely that they will look for another business entity who can spare an attention to their concerns. Should clients have unrequited follow up messages, it is expected that they will move on to the next. Customer satisfaction is key to good business. Thus, smooth communication flow between business and client means that the business relationship is kept and developed.

On top of that, incoming orders and inventory control are streamlined through a network that’s designed for employees to have easy access to information and records. In effect, employees can readily respond to customers’ queries and concerns. Customers, on the other hand, are at ease knowing that issues are being addressed and attended.

All of these are made possible through comprehensive technology application that gives control over facilities, networks, and assets. IT Networking Design entails thorough understanding of the nature of the business and its objectives to come up with an effective IT Infrastructure.

At House of IT, we personalize support to address each business’ specific level of access and security. The technology that powers comprehensive IT solutions from the most basic to high-end security access and control is here. Live feeds, access to information and communication are of the most important fundamentals of effective and functioning business operation. Digitalization, socialization, access to fiber connectivity, wireless data transfer, these are made possible by IT networking.

IP Video Surveillance


Install IP video surveillance because, big or small, you are to guard your business assets. The digital IP video surveillance has revolutionized the security industry and is now a leading-edge technology with different infrastructures you can expect to be effective and configurable. Gone were the days when digital IP videos were for large businesses alone due to its costly price. That has changed in the advent of fast technology. Nowadays, organizations—regardless of size—have CCTV to monitor business operations through live feeds from multiple surveillance videos installed within the premise. IP video surveillance is a practical option of any business size. This is more than just protection from theft. This is also protection against liability issues and encourage good behavior.


The Access Control System sets authorization, verification and authentication to physical access inside the company’s premise. Electric lock hardware designed to withstand building and fire codes, and biometrics and swipe cards to track physical access, secure log-ins, and protect assets are a few.

Verification procedures are implemented to control the entry to office and areas within the building. In other words, it is to distinguish the authorized personnel from the unauthorized for safety and security purposes.

Access Control Systems


Wifi is good when the connectivity works well and turns inconvenient when it doesn’t. Having a good Wi-Fi makes work easily accessible on the digital platform, allowing tasks and projects to be shared online through a network that no longer used wires. Collaborations have become more convenient since contributors could work anywhere even when they’re not in the same room with each other, and on top of that, it has made it easier for Management to check their employees’ productivity and measure their performances. As this trend rose, the data and information of companies are now being stored in their wireless networks. Thus, the need for security rose as well.


Fiber Optic connectivity uses light wave technology to provide fast speed internet for business establishments. A Fiber Optic LAN is capable of producing gigabytes speed internet through series of light pulses in an optical fiber. That’s internet connectivity almost at the speed of light. Fiber to the Desk or FTTD is best for establishments that require high security and high data transmission speed. GPON has a high downstream and upstream capacity that can be shared among users which generally considered suitable for widespread deployments. The Ethernet and the Passive Optical LAN or OLAN are also used in many enterprises.

Fiber Optics Cable

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While the basic mechanics of any IT Network Design are the same, the concept behind an IT Network should be strategic for it to be solid and functioning smoothly. A strategic network designs lessens the inconsistencies and takes out the innate barriers of the communication flow and glitches in accessing the data.

In the absence of a strategic IT Network Design, all resources and security tools—though the latest and most sophisticated—will be rendered useless. Customers will raise complaints on delays and unresolved issues, slow service and inconvenient business transactions, and other unnecessary stress that they could do without should the process is efficient.

Connectivity at all times is essential to providing insights on the company’s assets and realigns them to its physical infrastructure to allow competitive advantage and attain the envisioned business performance.

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In a competitive digital world, an organization could always make room for improvement. Setting aside the role of IT Networking is detrimental to your company in the long run. This is where we come in. We ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology assets to push your company’s full potential in the global market before you are pushed behind the competition. We fill you in with the details and keep you in the loop of IT strategies to always stay informed, and by extension, make smart decisions for your business’ success.

At House of IT, technology is used as an ally for development. Contact us and see how IT solutions can optimize your business performance.


In its years of providing reliable security control systems, House of IT has gained the confidence of leaders in different goal industries when it comes to addressing security and management issues. Having been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 or the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and the ISO 9001:2015 or Quality Management System (QMS), we observe the international standard of protocols and procedures when it comes to protecting our customers’ data and addressing their IT needs.

We don’t just take an IT-based method in our line of work. We understand that IT needs and specifications differ from one business to another. Our experience in the technology industry has given us opportunities to aid clients worldwide. Whether you plan to develop business operations or intend to maximize company assets, we are here to extend strategic IT solutions for your organization.


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