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A good running business is a product of correct hardware and software integration. Whether your business is rapidly expanding through acquisitions, or mergers, or just simply trying to retain and attract top talents, you need to consider the best hardware and software solution. House of IT is your ultimate source of reliable and high-quality hardware and software solutions, an IT-Service Provider that can give you a much greater access level, as well as guarantee data and control security. With a good hardware and software solution provider, your business can keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead in the fast-paced digital world. It brings IT solutions to a whole new level. You can now focus more on expanding your business, instead of dealing with technical-related issues which takes so much time and effort on your end.

At House of IT, you can find different IT products and multiple services under one roof. In addition, our IT specialists can assist you in the planning, designing, or deploying of any purchased IT products. For your hardware and software needs—in consideration of your current and future infrastructure—trusted professionals can analyze your environment, identify the problems, and determine the most cost-effective hardware for your organization. We can make it all easy for you.

IT Hardware

IT Hardware

House of IT is proud of its longstanding partnerships with industry’s leading hardware and software manufacturers and suppliers. With the number of years in the industry and proven global solutions, we help you manage your networking hardware ecosystem in a superior and efficient manner. Our team of IT specialists and technicians, and logistics managers are highly qualified when it comes to dealing with large stocks of IT hardware. Along with our seasoned account managers, we are prepared to take on any of your IT hardware equipment concerns. This includes your choices in hardware and configurations to attain the desired results your business aims for. We take the time to study and evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and appraise all elements therein before we plan, deploy, and configure hardware supplies into your IT environment.

Our brand products come from internationally acclaimed manufacturers to provide you only with the latest, high-quality products at competitive prices.

Software Licensing

In its years of service, House of IT has helped a number of organizations in maximizing their software investments. When small businesses or large corporations make software investments, it is our role to assist them in taking charge of their software environment in a way that they get the value of what they’ve invested in. House of IT has been performing this task for over a decade and has been working closely with its partners to ensure that all software issues and concerns are addressed promptly.

When a company fails to oversee its software environment, the business could encounter issues such as non-compliance, unauthorized purchases, inadequate software and security controls thereby rendering the software useless. At House of IT, we proactively work with organizations and every software publisher to ensure the invested software is cost-effective and efficient. We assist in the annual renewal, looking after your license requirements, and help you with other needed resources.

House of IT continuous to look for means—and alternative means if needed—to give you a good user experience with technology. We simplify and make it easy for you.

Software Licensing


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